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Airkey is the uniquely identifiable personal access device for the new Millennium. By combining a secure remote control and key fob we have simplified the way you access your world. Please choose a section of this site to guide you to the information you require.


Welcome to the Airkey website - the site for Security Automation and Airkey information. Inside you will find comprehensive Airkey product support.

Frequently Asked Questions.

For comprehensive information including printable colour brochures and instructions for our entire Airkey product range.

The owners section is filled with handy information such as how to change a battery or modify the chain to suit your style.

Airkey partners are companies that Wholesale Airkey and Airkey systems.

There are many reasons why to register your Airkey. If lost and placed in the post we can reunite you with your Airkey. Once you register you are able to access a host of handy information, including how to change the battery, how to modify the chain to suit your style, how to take care of your Airkey and much more.

Lost & Found
If you have lost your Airkey, come here and see if someone has handed it in to us.

Should you require additional information please do not hesitate to contact us.